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    Nothing great in the world has been accomplished without passion

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    Testing Solutions for motorcycle, car, truck, engine, transmission, component

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    Design, construction, integration, installation, commissioning, maintenance of single bench or complete test department

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    From design to installation and commissioning with our internal professional team

  • Profile


    Apicom Spa is a company of ICM Group completely dedicated to the automotive testing industry that provides test benches and test cells for motorcycle, car, truck, engine, transmission, gear box manufactures and offers a complete range of product and services including eddy current dyno, AC dynos, chassis dynos, test bed automation for all automotive testing application. Its capabilities include design, construction, supply, integration, installation, commissioning and maintenance of single bench or complete test department.

    The quality of the design, the optimization of the solutions, the quality of the assistance and the integration of all components and aspects are the key point to guarantee the good final result for the Customer. Apicom is a partner who takes full responsibility of the test system, from design to installation and commissioning with internal professional team that follow directly all the phases of the project including:

    • Design procedures according with ISO 9001. 
    • CE Marking of the full content, according with Machinery Directive, Electro Magnetic Compatibility Directive, Low voltage Directive, Pressure Vessel Directive, Atex directive, etc.  
  • Mission


    Apicom develops and supplies to Motorcycles, Vehicles and Engines Manufactures, testing solutions to improve the quality and the efficiency of their products.
    Apicom is a global supplier focusing on delivering cost – effective, technically advanced, services, facilities and equipments that meet and exceed Customers expectations.

    Apicom constantly pursues development involving technology and regulations in order to offer its customers products and services which are at the forefront in their respective fields, presenting itself as the perfect partner for developing tailor-made solutions. Customer requirements are our priority.

    We develop our products to provide the higher Customer satisfaction. We consider our Customers as the best consulting partner to improve our experience and quality.

  • History


    Apicom was established in 1978 and started its activities in Desio (Milan), subsequently moved its headquarters to Cento (Ferrara).

    The know-how and customer satisfaction gained over the years, combined with the attention to international markets, have been the major dynamic in the constant growth of the company.

    Various companies were set up over the years, which have led Apicom group to nowadays.

    1978 Apicom srl Desio (MI-Italy) – Apicom founded for automation System
    1985 Apicom srl Cento (FE-Italy) – Foundation of the facility for mechanical production
    1999 Apicom do Brazil – Foundation
    2005 Apicom China – Foundation
    2008 Apicom Automation PVT LTD – India – Foundation
    2014 Apicom SpA - ICM New main Shareholder
    2016 Apicom Buys 60% of DSG-UK
    2018 Apicom Buys Betadyne-Germany

What We Do



Durability Dyno

Durability Dyno

Kart Engine Test Bench

Kart Engine Test Bench


Contact Us


Via Statale, 20/A
44042 Corporeno (FE)


Email : sales@api-com.com
Phone +39 051 6835273
Fax     +39 051 6830348